For people that make their health and fitness a top priority.

TIME & HEALTH are our greatest assets. 

Big box gyms are designed to be busy, cheap, and discourage you from coming. This keeps you hooked, spending money, not showing up, and not getting results. 

Mi40 is the ANTI-BIG BOX GYM! 

We empower you with the knowledge, skillset, and the best possible environment to get you twice the results in half the time. 

If you value your time, if you value your privacy, and getting the best workouts of your life without having to wait for equipment, THIS is the gym for you. 

 If you’re ready for the best workout of your life, in world class facility  with a coach that cares RESULTS through applying a holistic approach to optimization of Body, Mind, and Life. 

You’ve come to the right place.


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The MI40 Gym will unlock your body’s true potential for massive muscular growth. Our system and methods will help pack on the kind of quality muscle that you have been working for. Our trainers have the knowledge to prevent plateaus in your growth and accelerate your results faster than you thought possible. Using our proven approach to physique development there is no such thing as a ‘stubborn’ body part. In just the first few sessions we guarantee that you’ll feel a difference.

Your body has an untapped potential for astounding growth. Most people never come close to reaching it and believe that they’ve reached their “genetic limit” when they become stuck at a plateau for a while. We’ve repeatedly proven to our clients that they have much more potential, and consistently help them take advantage of it. It’s just a matter of applying proper execution and a strategic training plan.


Learn the science and training theory behind brining up specific muscle groups and the keys to training them effectively for rapid results.

Get hands on experience applying what you learn on the gym floor with our MI40 Coaches who will help you match exercises to your individual body structure.  Get the keys to mastering each muscle and the application of physics, biomechanics, and proper execution to build your ideal physique.


Double Your Gains in Half the Time!

Look inside the No.1 Intelligent Muscle Building Program, that is Ben Pakulski’s Mi40. Our 3 Day Camps will give intense 1-to-1 sessions and training with some of the best Personal Trainers in the world. Whether you are a beginner or a professional personal trainer yourself, we will help bring you to the next level of fitness and muscle intelligence.

MI40 GYM - 360 VIEW


Let us show you the fastest and most effective way to get into the best shape of your life.

Experience first hand what it’s like to live your very own life-changing transformation.

Once you start working with your body, instead of against it, you will be able to make truly stunning changes in the shortest time possible. Using our proven approach to transforming your body from the inside out, we guarantee an experience no one else can offer with rapid results that you’ll be able to see and feel in just the first few sessions. Let our coaches help you reveal the body you were always meant to have.


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113 reviews
Hicham EL Kotbi Leo

I like to have a perfect Workout program...

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Jeff Houghtaling

Facility: Mi40 has an outstanding facility filled with high-end equipment. And equipment are both very clean and organized.
Staff and coaches: The staff and coaches are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help. Whether you’re a world-class athlete or someone who is trying to...

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Thomas Kemper

I was down for the Tampa Pro and was very impressed with the facility and staff there. thank you so much for a great workout on the road.

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Susie Lin

Excellent variety of equipment to really up your game. Fantastic facility and great customer service!

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Elise Rosato

I was blown away by how nice this gym is. They have all the equipment needed to build your best possible physique, clean facilities and you don’t have to deal with the huge crowds and distractions that you run into at large chain gyms. I...

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Danielle Menchen

Honestly one of the best gyms I’ve ever trained at- extremely knowledgeable and humbling, and equipment is all hand picked and perfectly set to help you execute movements perfectly! Mi40 fam is super close knit and supportive !

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Jj Zelch

Best gym I have ever been to. Highly recommend checking it out 👍. Also recommended working with Chris, very helpful.

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Casey Hill

Mi40 is a top notch gym. The equipment is one of a kind and they have the best personal trainers on site. I’ve personally worked with Chris streamline and his neufit training. The experience was excellent! Chris is very knowledgeable and will
help you...

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Tuomas Takalo

6/5, best place to train, to learn, to improve! 💯

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Chris Berardi

Love this place !!!! It’s my 2nd home !!!!

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Philip Cooper

For the serious athlete, this elite facility has it all!

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Ifbb Pro Maria Flores

Phenomenal equipment, especially for legs, back and chest! Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff! Clean bathrooms, parking accessible. They made us train before we signed up to get the feel of the place! We are so happy we did!

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Cody Mannix

Place is an absolute dream!!!

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Ayan Dewana

once in a life need to see and train in mi40 gym

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Cheryl Ferarolis

Mi40 blows ALL other gyms, trainers and equipment out of the freaking water! Hands down!
Not even a close competition!!
� BAMM!!!�

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Vladimir Vergilov

I love this gym,the owner mr.Paluski is A super nice guy.Some of the best equipment on the planet is right here at the MI 40 gym.

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Danny Vega

This gym is one of a kind—not only because of its equipment. Mi40 is a place where likeminded people come to challenge each other and make each other better. This is not your typical gym.

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Ian Phillips

Incredible facility...great clinics for those beginning fitness or looking to hone their craft.

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Nick Delaware

If you take fitness serious, than this gym is your best option in tampa bay. The amount of knowledge and professionalism that is brought to the floor each day is amazing. Ben is changing the fitness industry with this place. I've done one clinic with...

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Laurie Carlson

Amazing gym and equipment! Nothing but positive vibes and motivation!

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Rocky Sidhu

Good mi40 gym

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